Appointment Preparation Info

Congratulations! You said “I do!”

You have made what might be one of the most difficult and certainly most important decisions of your life!  How exciting!  Now the real work and all of the fun begins – planning your big day.

There is no exact science on how to proceed or what order to make your decisions in…about your venue, your guest list, your theme, or your dress! 

Figuring out what season, month, and maybe even what day you want to get married is a great place to start.  First thing’s first, and carry on from there.  Don’t sweat it, you’ve got this!

Your Colour And Theme!

It’s not too early to start thinking about your dream gown, even if you haven’t settled on a theme or venue!  Most gowns are suitable for any wedding, and can be accessorized to suit specifics.

  • Start looking at the many fabric options and different colours or shades…..it may even inspire your theme! 
  • Most styles are available in a wide array of fabrics and colours, and many can be customized to your specific wishes.

Do some research on dress silhouettes but instead of focusing on the silhouette you think will be most flattering, think about how you want to look on your wedding day.  Like a princess? A movie star? A rock star? Glamourous, sexy, fun…or all of the above?


Bring some ideas, photos and your thoughts to your appointment and we will try to help you feel exactly how you want!

Bring Everything!

Think about any specific jewelry or accessories such as heirloom pieces that you want to wear on your wedding day. Bring them if possible, or photos of them as a minimum, to your appointment so we can help you find the dress that works best with them.   

If you don’t have any accessories in mind, consider the look you want. Veil? Tiara? Headband? Fascinator? We have many beautiful accessories for you to try on but give it some thought in advance.

Further Information For Your Appointment…

Choose your entourage carefully.  Too many opinions can make things difficult and uncomfortable for you.  This is your day and your dress!  If you have several people who you choose not to bring, consider inviting them to one of your fitting appointments, or to shop for accessories, shoes or jewelry after you have chosen your gown.

If you have an idea of the shoes you will wear, at least the height (heels vs. flats), bring them with you to your appointment.

Unless you plan on wearing dark undies, visible under your dress on your big day (hey, you can if you like!) then please wear nude undergarments, including your favourite shapewear or strapless bras (we have a selection available to try on if required). 

If you have collected images or photos of dresses you dream of, bring them! We probably have something similar if not exactly the same for you to look at or try on. 

Of course you want to see yourself as beautiful as can be, but we ask that you limit your makeup and perfume to ensure we can get you in and out of gowns without leaving colour and scent behind.  You can apply lipstick once you are in the gown if you need to (we get it, we’re cosmetic addicts!)


For Trying On Wedding Dresses, please be mindful.  You’re going to be trying on a selection of very expensive, possibly unique, wedding dresses and they need to be handled with care and consideration for others who may wish to purchase them as new. Ensure that your preparations and dress for the visit are appropriate by making sure that you have bathed or showered and that your personal hygiene is in order –  clear deodorant is ideal .   Do Not make an appointment for trying on dresses following a recent application of tanning solutions, Hand/foot creams or other items that may mark the dresses in some way. Baby wipe’s are available and will be required to wipe off any makeup or heavy deodorant.

Please arrive a few minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment so you and your guests can get settled and we can get started on time.  Give us a call if you’re running behind (winter is upon us, after all!). We are looking forward to meeting you and your entourage!

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